About the CEO
Hey, I’m Paul Champaneria
Here’s why we started CallMantra

Founded in the Stone Age 1992 when you couldn’t ‘google’ anything. We built the first PC-based voice messaging system to a soundtrack of dial-up modems.

I’ve been in the SaaS industry before the word “SaaS” was even a thing, and in 2012, I started a staffing company.

With that said, over the last 2+ years, I’m seeing my recruiters having a hard time getting candidates on the phone. They’re sending tons of emails, texts, and LinkedIn messages but barely get a hold of 1 or 2 candidates on a call resulting in 0 submissions on certain days.

So, I started digging into various reports, especially calling reports.

What we found out is that only 1 out of 32 candidates picked up a cold call from a recruiter. Moreover, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have taken steps to block a lot of unknown calls in an effort to stop robocalls.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer –

Verified calling with texting
Team and culture

We’re a team of 30+ people living and working remotely, mostly. Our goal is to build a more diverse, inclusive workplace because the important product that we want to build is people.

We empower each other to bring their unique perspectives to the table – everyone is seen, heard and valued.

We’ve got offices in three countries, however, our office is wherever we work best – in the office, a local coworking space, a café or the beach.

Where we’re located
New Jersey
United Kingdom