CallMantra vs CloudCall

Tired of poor call quality or dropped calls? Spending too much $ in add-on fees? Tied to a contract? Try CallMantra and see for yourself.
Ever stumble upon a comparison page where the challenger comes out better than the company writing the comparison?
  • Exactly. Neither have we. We’re biased but not ignorant. You might be looking for alternatives to CloudCall for whatever reason, we hear you.
  • For some of you, CloudCall might be the better option. So, here’s an honest comparison, you be the judge.
CallMantra and CloudCall side by side
Feature comparison table
Plans starts at
Free trial
Unlimited outbound calls
Unlimited inbound calls
Personalised SMS texting
Personalised voicemail drop
ATS Integration
20+ ATSs
3 ATSs
Free number porting
Power dialer
IOS and Android apps
Web-based app
Local US phone numbers
1 free/user
1 free/user
Analytics and dashboard
Call recording
Conference calling
Verified calling
Spam monitoring and delisting
Chrome extension
Personalized onboarding and support
Dedicated customer success executive
Our main problem with CloudCall was the call quality and the buggy phone app. The calls would keep dropping and the app would just close out of nowhere. Glad we made the switch to CallMantra.
Ryan @ MedHiring
A couple of other things to consider..
Crystal clear calls
If you’ve been a CloudCall customer, you might’ve faced issues with call quality and dropped calls. Seems fairly common among CloudCall users, according to user reviews.
With CallMantra, experience crystal clear calls, we know how important call quality is, especially for recruiters.
CallMantra’s VoIP call quality is better for Bullhorn users
Alternatives to CloudCall? CallMantra’s power dialing and texting
Power dialing, SMS and voicemail drop in one place
CloudCall’s power dialer only lets you call a bunch of contacts at once. Personalized SMS and voicemail drops are not a part of the power dialer.
With CallMantra, you get a power dialer that comes equipped with personalized SMS texting and voicemail drop, all in one place.
  • Add your candidates to a campaign in just a few clicks and reach up to 75+ candidates in 1 hour
  • Candidate picked up? A screen pops up with the candidates’ profile in real-time from your ATS so your recruiters don’t fumble.
  • Candidate didn’t pick up? Automatically drop a personalized SMS or voicemail with the click of a button.
Are your recruiters’ phone numbers flagged?
Making a fair number of outbound calls?
CloudCall does not monitor your recruiters’ phone numbers, which might directly affect the number of candidates they talk to each day.
With CallMantra’s spam monitoring and delisting, your recruiters’ numbers daily across major carriers and call-blocking apps to ensure they’re not flagged as scam or potential spam. Receive notifications in real-time about flags.
Remove your recruiters from spam with CallMantra’s spam monitoring
CloudCall pricing is much higher than CallMantra
No contracts or add-on charges
Paying a lot more in add-on fees? Tied to a contract with CloudCall?
With CallMantra, there are NO hidden fees or contracts.
Additionally, you also have the choice to assign different phone plans to different users. Now, isn’t that what you want from your CloudCall alternative and CloudCall competitor?
Not sure? Test drive
CloudCall does not offer a free trial.
CallMantra offers a 14-day free trial integrated with your existing ATS. Try it for free.
CloudCall pricing is much higher than CallMantra
Port your CloudCall number to CallMantra
Want to move your number from CloudCall to CallMantra? We can port it over for free.
Let us do the heavy lifting
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No service downtime
Your existing phone number works with CloudCall until the port date to CallMantra. Want a new phone number, get a free number with all of our plans.
Try free for 14 days
Before porting your number over, try CallMantra free for 14 days with a temporary phone number.
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