CallMantra vs Dialpad

Dialpad is a system that was designed mainly for call centers. Say hello to the modern phone system built specifically for recruiters and recruiting managers.
Ever stumble upon a comparison page where the challenger comes out better than the company writing the comparison?
  • Exactly. Neither have we. We’re biased but not ignorant.
  • For some of you, Dialpad might be the better option. So, as a Dialpad alternative, here’s an honest comparison, you be the judge.
Feature comparison
See how we stack up:
Plans starts at
Free trial
Unlimited outbound calls
Unlimited inbound calls
Personalised SMS texting
Personalised voicemail drop
ATS Integration
30+ ATSs
only 2 ATSs
Free number porting
Power dialer
IOS and Android apps
Web-based app
Local US phone numbers
1 free number/user
1 free number/user
Analytics and dashboard
Call recording
Conference calling
Verified calling
Spam monitoring and delisting
Chrome extension
International calling
Call monitoring and coaching
Personalised onboarding and support
Dedicated customer success team
Compared to Dialpad, the call quality is way better. There wasn’t much of a learning curve, it was pretty self-explanatory except a couple of features.
Jay @ Hireify
A couple of other things to consider..
Calling, texting and voicemail from the future
Dialpad’s power dialer only lets you call a bunch of contacts one after the other.You also get a supercharged power dialer that comes equipped with personalized SMS texting and voicemail drop.
  • With CallMantra’s power dialer, add your candidates to a campaign in just a few clicks and reach up to 75+ candidates in 1 hour
  • Candidates picked up?CallMantra automatically pulls up a screen with the candidates’ profile in real-time from your ATS so your recruiters don’t fumble.
  • Candidates didn’t pick up? Automatically drop a personalized text message or voicemail with the click of a button.
Alternatives to Dialpad? CallMantra’s power dialing and texting
As a Dialpad alternative, we remove you from being flagged as spam
Most candidates not picking up?
Making a fair number of outbound calls?
If you didn’t already know, carriers are constantly flagging phone numbers that make a lot of outbound calls and texts as spam or potential spam on recipients’ phones. Dialpad does not monitor your recruiters phone numbers.
  • With CallMantra’s spam monitoring and delisting, your recruiters’ numbers daily across major carriers and call-blocking apps to ensure they’re not flagged as scam or potential spam. Receive notifications in real-time about flags.
  • Moreover, with verified calling, increase your call answer rates by up to 30%. Dialpad does not have this feature either.
Integrate with 30+ ATSs
Dialpad currently only integrates with 2 ATSs – Bullhorn and Recruitly.
CallMantra, on the other hand, integrates with 30+ ATSs such as Bullhorn, JobDiva, JobAdder, Zoho, PCRecruiter, Avionte, Crelate, Greenhouse and more.
Dialpad integrations are limited. CallMantra integrates with ATSs Crelate, Bullhorn and more
Move your Dialpad number to CallMantra
Bring as many existing phone number with you to CallMantra. For free.
We’ll do the heavy lifting
All you need to do is submit your request on our contact page. We’ll handle the rest.
No service interruption
Your existing phone number will work with Dialpad until the port date to CallMantra. (or you can always get a new phone number with us)
Try CallMantra free for 14 days
Before porting your number over, try CallMantra free for 14 days with a temporary number.
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