All your favorite features, in one place

Discover 30+ features that will help your team get more placements.
Premium features
Verified calling
Double your recruiter’s call answer rates and build trust with your business name, logo, verified badge and the reason for calling..
Phone Number Reputation Monitoring & Whitelisting
We monitor your recruiters’ phone numbers across major carriers and notify you If their numbers are flagged as scam or spam likely.
Number remedy services
Number blacklisted? We contact the carriers on your behalf to remove your phone numbers from blacklists, so more of your recruiters’ calls are answered.
Text messaging
Chrome extension
Make calls and send text messages to candidates directly from job boards such as Dice, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and others via our chrome extension.
SMS business text messaging
Send, receive, and manage text messages between you and your candidates for personalized conversations.
MMS business text messaging
Send images, videos, audio clips and more. Moreover, you can use emojis to add a dash of personality to your messages
Text from within your ATS
Send text messages directly from the CallMantra app or from your ATS.
SMS and MMS broadcast
Send job openings, interview reminders, and more in an instant. Select the candidates, type your message, schedule a time and hit send.
Power dialing
Personalized voicemail drop
Leave personalized voicemail messages to your candidates without saying a word.
Personalized automated text
Reached a candidate’s voicemail? Automatically send a personalized text message.
Call routing
IVR routing
Easily route your calls to the right recruiter or team along with the ability to include self-service options.
Ring group
Route calls to teams and ring multiple or all recruiters at once.
Business hours
Define the opening hours and decide when your recruiters are available for receiving calls.
Customizable on-hold messages
Reduce hang-up rates with customized on-hold messages and music.
Professionally recorded greetings
Get your greetings and prompts professionally recorded through our professional voice studio — over 20 voice personalities in four different languages.
Recruiter coaching
Call monitoring
View and listen to any call your recruiters are on and offer advice without disrupting the flow of the conversation.
Call whispering
Coach recruiters in real-time while they’re conversing with a candidate without letting the candidate know.
Call barging
Drop into an ongoing call between your recruiter and candidate and talk to the candidate directly.
Custom recruiter statuses
Recruiters can display their status in real-time. Stay informed about the availability status of your team members.
Call recording
Share call recordings to help your team improve — or train new recruiters.
Real time dashboard
Broadcast self-updating real-time leaderboards and let recruiters compete daily for calls made, talk time, interested candidates and other metrics.
Shared call inbox
Set up a shared call inbox with a to-do list. Recruiters will be able to track their calls, add follow-up tasks and archive them.
Phone extensions
Assign recruiters a personalized phone extension number or a dedicated phone number that candidates or clients can quickly dial.
Call commenting and assignment
Add comments to calls and assign it to your recruiters for follow-up.
Warm transfer
Brief the next team recruiter before forwarding the call over to better handle the candidate or clients’ needs.
Conference calling
Host a conference call in seconds. Add existing recruiters, dial new ones in and collaborate anywhere, anytime.
Make calls with a single click straight from the CallMantra app or your ATS.
Power dialer
Call 60-70 candidates per hour, effortlessly. Upload the contacts list and let the software dial the number for you swiftly.
Call screening and announce
Screen out nuisance calls and send low priority calls to voicemail.
Block spam calls
Block unwanted calls. Permanently block specific phone numbers, entire area codes, or callers without caller ID.
Business voicemail
Access and manage your business voicemails from anywhere via email or our app. Easily set up, check and administer across your organization.
Voicemail transcription
Transcribe your voicemail messages into readable messages format so you can read them on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Autoreply by text
Automatically respond to unanswered calls with a standard text response when you are unavailable or busy.
Work from anywhere
Mobile apps
Make, receive and route candidate calls. Send text messages. Access call logs and summaries. Manage contacts. Never miss out on a great hire, no matter where you are.
Ring on speakers
Change your audio settings to ring your speakers when a call comes in so you can hear it while you’re away from your desk.
Desktop apps
With our desktop apps (Windows and Mac) make and receive calls, texts, check voicemail messages, call history and more fully integrated with your ATS.
Call flip
Discreetly move live calls from one device to another without the candidate or client ever knowing.
Call forwarding
Calls go wherever you want them to go. Forward incoming calls to your mobile and never miss another great hire.
One-click integrations
Integrate with over 30+ ATS’s with a single click.
Workflow automation
Automate workflows and let software do all the manual work. Trigger actions to update logs, leave voicemails, send follow-up messages among many others.
API and webhooks
Connect and sync external apps with third-party solutions you’re already using, whether it’s your in-house system or an application.
Insight cards
Now your recruiters will immediately know who’s calling them back — and why. Automatically pull up information from your ATS to give your team the full context of the conversation.