CallMantra vs Vonage

Vonage is a general communication system built for companies. CallMantra is a modern phone system built only for recruitment teams
Ever stumble upon a comparison page where the challenger comes out better than the company writing the comparison?
  • Exactly. Neither have we. We’re biased but not ignorant. You might be looking for alternatives to Vonage, we get it.
  • For some of you, Vonage might be the better option. So, here’s an honest comparison, you be the judge.
See CallMantra stacks up against Vonage
Feature comparison table:
Plans starts at
Free trial
Unlimited outbound calls
Unlimited inbound calls
Personalised SMS texting
Personalised voicemail drop
ATS Integration
Free number porting
Power dialer
IOS and Android apps
Web-based app
Local US phone numbers
1 free number/user
1 free number/user
Analytics and dashboard
Call recording
Conference calling
Verified calling
Phone Number Reputation Monitoring & Whitelisting and delisting
Chrome extension
International calling
Call monitoring and coaching
Personalised onboarding and support
Dedicated customer success team
We’re able to do more and talk to 60% more candidates with fewer recruiters thanks to their power dialer and personalized SMS functionality. Moreover, with their integration in toHireGuard, we’re also able to keep track of back door hires. It’s brilliant!
Maria @ SchoolHiring
A couple of other things to consider..
Calling and SMS feature
Vonage’s auto dialer only lets you call a bunch of contacts one after the other.
With CallMantra, you get a power dialer that comes equipped with personalized SMS texting and voicemail drop.
  • With CallMantra’s power dialer, add your candidates to a campaign in just a few clicks and reach up to 75+ candidates in 1 hour
  • Candidates picked up? A screen pops up with the candidates profile in real-time from your ATS so your recruiters don’t fumble.
  • Candidates didn’t pick up? Automatically drop a personalized SMS or voicemail with the click of a button.
Alternatives to vonage? CallMantra’s power dialing and texting
Record calls with the vonage alternatives
Record your recruiters’ calls
With Vonage, you have to pay an extra $4.99/month for call recording which adds up each month on top of their other additional charges.
With CallMantra, call recording is free. Moreover, you can
  • Share call recordings with other recruiters and managers for feedback, coach new recruiters, and more.
  • Set up auto-recording or switch off call recording according to your needs.
Are your recruiters’ phone numbers flagged?
Making a fair number of outbound calls?
Vonage does not monitor your recruiters’ phone numbers which might affect the number of candidates they talk to each day
With CallMantra’s Phone Number Reputation Monitoring & Whitelisting and delisting, your recruiters’ numbers daily across major carriers and call-blocking apps to ensure they’re not flagged as scam or potential spam.
Receive notifications in real-time about flags.
Remove your recruiters from spam with spam delisting
Vonage pricing might be cheaper than CallMantra
Zero additional charges
Unlike Vonage, we don’t charge for number porting. Our pricing is transparent, what you see is what you pay. You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade plans with us.
Additionally, you also have the choice to assign different plans to different users. Now, isn’t that what you want from your Vonage alternative?
Port your Vonage number to CallMantra
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No service downtime
Your existing phone number works with Vonage until the port date to Vonage. Want a new phone number, get a free number with all of our plans.
Try free for 14 days
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