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  • Become a verified caller — get more candidates to pick up your calls.
  • Eliminate the risk of your numbers being marked as spam.
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  • Get live screenshots of what your calls look like on a candidates’ phone on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile
  • Learn how you can become a verified caller
  • Learn how you can secure more placements with automated calling and texting and a lot more!
See the difference
Without verified calling
  • Poor call answer rates
  • Your calls are marked as spam
  • Only displays your number
With verified calling
  • Connect with 3x more candidates with verified calling.
  • Your calls will not be marked as spam
  • Displays your name, logo, and a verification symbol that will indicate that the call is legitimate
Stats that matter
of the candidates don’t pick up anonymous calls.
of recruiters say that outbound calls are important to meet their placement targets.
Why get verified calling
60% increase in call answer rates
By being verified and knowing the purpose of your call instantly, candidates will feel more confident about picking up an anonymous call. Better call answer rates = more candidate conversations and placements.
Improve candidates’ trust
By displaying your company name, logo and verified symbol signal your candidates that you are a legitimate caller and not a spammer or robocall.
Don’t be marked as spam
There’s a chance that your calls are being marked as spam. We monitor all your numbers therefore eliminating the risk of being marked as spam.
“I love the fact that we get a verified badge and company name displayed each time we call our candidates – helps show that our calls are legitimate and not spam.”
Frank Frohlich
“Such a game changer for recruiters. A lot more candidates are answering our calls now which has resulted in more placements over time.”                                   
Alyssa Martins
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